Letter to self.

Dear self,

What have you done to yourself? For once and all, you need to answer! You are no longer the person you were. I know you completely loathe being this person you have transfered yourself into, you are unable to take this thing in and want to move this constant pain you feel out of your life. One day, you keep finding reasons to hate that someone and end up loving that broken soul and his wounds more. Another day, you want to just hurt and hate your ownself for loving too much and yet not being enough. And then comes a day, you want to bring happiness in your own life and in that someone’s life, you have loved beyond limits. You want to kiss his wounds and heal his scars with your love when you haven’t yet learned to love your own scars. How could you decide to love someone else, above your own broken heart? You lay down each night on the cold floor, lifelessly, letting the tears stream down fiercely, feeling each and every ounce of pain from your bleeding heart. You have shut yourself off from all the fun of your life. Be it friends or family. You have turned to an alien between your own people. You are no longer the strong person you once were. The person who knew how to fight your own self yet never let others know anything. Be it any situation. But now, all you do is hurt your own self and the people around. You wanted to change that someone for good and make him happy, but while doing this did you forgot about your own heart? Which had never found peace. Did you really forgot? What kind of a person you can turn to when your demons win over your beautiful soul. You have a nerve to make them irritate and turn their life upside down. Why don’t you learn to stop feeling? Why do you just don’t shut yourself up and be the normal cool fake person you once were? Does being honest with your feelings gives you anything? Stop finding for happiness all around and learn to make this darkness a part of yourself. Learn the fact nothing will ever go right for a person like you. You are just a cold hearted person, who ends up being a pain in lifes of people you love. Accept the reality, you are a loser and you lose everything you touch. But you don’t realise this and in return choose to fall apart each and every day. Grow up please and accept the fact you are nothing more then a loser in the lifes of people you love, learn to accept your defeat and give up. Stop with this constant battle. You see, you have a lot more to work for, then this life only.

One step closer to end!



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